Where did the Mars “Jelly doughnut” rock come from?

Jelly doughnut rock on Mars   Photo: NASA

Jelly doughnut rock on Mars Photo: NASA

January 24, 2014:

The Mars rover, Opportunity has discovered an unidentified rock on the surface of the Red Planet. The small rock is white with a deep red centre, giving it the appearance of a jelly-doughnut.

Its appearance in an area where just 12-days earlier there was nothing, is baffling scientists. Investigators from the Mars Exploration Rover Program (MERP) estimate the date of its appearance to a four-day period.

The principle investigator of MERP, Steve Squyres speculated that the rock might have been dislodged by the movements of the rover, however as he reminds us that is only speculation.

What is interesting about the rock is that it appears to have been flipped over, thus revealing its underside. This provides experts with a rare view of a surface that has been isolated from Martian atmosphere for perhaps millions of years.





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