The creativity behind science

Credit: pixabay

Here at The Science Behind Science, we want more people to get excited about science and we couldn’t think of anything more exciting than sharing the creativity and curiosity of science with you.

Creativity? It’s the phenomenon where something original and worthwhile is developed; it flourishes via imagination and is applied by innovation. Together, creativity and innovation make up the driving forces in scientific and technological advancement.

So to get our creative juices flowing we’re going to have to look at science a little differently. It’s no longer going to be the boring subject once studied in school; it’s the sunrise on the horizon, the complexity in an octopus’ eye, the discovery of new worlds and the hours of research dedicated to destroying cancer.

This is the stuff of science that makes us excited and we hope that we can share it with you. You’ll see more thought provoking posts about the art, thought, travel and ideas behind science.

There’s a scientist within all of us, it’s curious, creative and intelligent – and we hope to inspire it.



  1. Since when was science the “boring subject once studied in school”?
    Whoever said that about science must have had a deprived science education.
    You’ve got Biology, which is like looking into another universe, the world of bacteria.
    You have Chemistry, where you can make stuff explode and look at the pretty colours you find in redox reactions.
    Physics, filled with a tonne of practicals – electronic circuits, mechanics, light etc.

    Who said science was boring? Whether in school or with a pinch of creativity, science was always the interesting subject at school.

  2. To be a scientist is a way to see the world is a method of thinking and living before all , to be a scientist is to have the ability the imagination and the power to change the world to creat think to make life of other people even better , science is the only thing can make us rise up, to be a real scientist is to dare to think differently without limit scintist is the only person who can get into the smallest things ever and analyses the biggest things ever and find himself just in betwen without to be lost. Being a scientist is to be able to see the universe in a whole other dimensions

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